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65 Silhouette Cameo Vinyl Cut Projects In 19 Minutes

Please keep in mind this is an older video with older recording technology,

but the ideas are still great!

What can you make with a Silhouette or Cricut machine? I will show you 65 projects made with Cricut or Cameo.

I show a huge selection of projects that can be done with digital cutting machines like Cricut, Cameo and Scan N cut

Some projects are:


  • Sunglass case for power cords

  • Compact

  • Coaster

  • Jewelry dishes

  • Door Hangers

  • Subway art frramed

  • Initial with positive words

  • Friends Banner

  • Charger plates


  • Can Koozie

  • Bottle Koozie

  • Little Bags/Pouches

  • Spring Banner

  • Toilet Paper Holder

  • T-Shirts


  • International Coffee Can Project

  • Treat Bag Toppers

  • Candy Bar Box

  • Pillow Boxes

  • Greeting Cards

  • Gift Tags


  • Candy Jars

  • Shot Glasses

You will see references to "Artisticcutworks and SVGforFunorProfit" The new Name is The SVG Blog. 8-)

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