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But I am Not an Artist!!

But I am not an Artist... SO WHAT!!!

This is the biggest myth in the crafting industry ever! Years ago it was more difficult if you could not draw or get your ideas into software. But today, that is not the case.

I will say this... If you think you can't, you won't! Sure it helps to have artistic talent, but you can learn designing skills, color combinations, composition, sizing, and specific skills to design.

I have had a machine embroidery business for 20 years. I created 17 sets of designs a month. That's 204 sets, an average of 8 designs per set, or 1632 designs a year. You learn a great deal when you are creating that much content. I have taught a team of Embroidery digitizers to create embroidery designs over the years. Some had artistic abilities, some did not. All but a few were quite successful.

You do not need to be an artist to create. You need to learn about the resources available to you and how to use them.

I have visited 100's of websites of creators. Found inspiration and ideas to use in my own designs. A technique here a technique there, and before you know it you have a tool belt full of artistic options to use every time you design. I call them Building BLocks of design.

There are many artwork websites available to use. Legal, licensed artwork. You pay for a license, obey their terms of use and create from their artwork your own creations. This is NOT taking a screenshot, looking up an image on the internet, or using a friend's artwork they searched for. Screenshots, searches, and friends' artwork is called copyright violation.

Please see my article on copyright...

Let's talk about resources for artwork to legally use to create your own designs for selling.

This site has a great deal for the entire website full of images, fully licensed for SVG creation.


This site has a free set each week, along with new offerings each week for sale. Daniel will create custom artwork for you at a reasonable rate. Give him a concept and let him do what he does.

The original artwork is fully licensed.

Lorena Embroidery

This site offers lots of linework. Great for use with cardstock and pens.

Original artwork is fully licensed

Don't forget Font sites...

So many uses for fonts in designing. Dingbats are especially helpful

So there are plenty of ways to get around the "I am not an artist".

Some helpful tips:

  • When visiting your favorite SVG sites, make note of design ideas.

  • How they use composition, placement, sizes

  • Browse around Etsy for SVG designs

  • Yes, there are a lot of them. Don't get distracted by that.

  • Look for what you like, what you can take away as designing skills

  • Pinterest is a great source for learning

  • There are lots of courses out there teaching how to use software.

  • Watch for courses here for creating your own SVG designs

  • Stores that you visit...

  • Even Walmart can give you ideas!

  • Keep a photo album in your phone to store pictures of ideas

  • I have 1000's of pictures that I refer to when I am creatively stuck.

  • Make a list of things you would like to know how to do. FInd a source to teach you.

All of these sources will teach you skills to put in your tool belt. As you become a designer, you will begin to pull ideas that you like and apply them.

Here is a big one!!! Ask questions... yeah, ask questions! Those of us that are educators are happy to help you!

Happy Designing!


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