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Let's Make - A DIY Light-up Bucket

DIY Light Up Bucket

In this video, I will teach you to make a DIY Light Up Bucket.

I made my DIY Light Up Bucket with my Cricut Maker Machine.

These buckets can be used for camping, the patio, the beach, special occasions, anywhere you want to set a mood or add color. Also, if you live in an area that is prone to power outages from hurricanes, etc, these lights provide battery-operated lighting for pathways or kid's rooms or any other use.

The lights inside are LED water submersible, remote-controlled lights. I purchased them at Amazon. Here is the link to the lights on Amazon...LED SUBMERSIBLE LIGHTS.

The vinyl I used is 651. You may see it called permanent, decal vinyl, sign vinyl. There are many brands.

Oracal, Starcraft, Prime Cuts, FDC, and others. I get my 651 (permanent vinyl) from Expressions Vinyl.

  • Measure the bucket area where you want the design to be placed.

    • My measurements are approx. 6" wide and 7" in height

  • You will need to cut the design on your cutting machine and weed it.

  • Pick up the design using Transfer Tape

  • Prepare the surface of the bucket by cleaning with alcohol.

    • Be sure the alcohol is dry before attempting to apply vinyl

  • Carefully place the design on the bucket, burnish it with your scraper.

  • Remove the transfer tape CAREFULLY, using a diagonal angle, being sure all of the design stays on the bucket

  • Place the light inside, and ENJOY!

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