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Let's Make - Christmas Decorations

Let's Make Christmas Decorations

In this video, I show you how I made 7 Christmas Decorations.I used: *Sticky Vinyl *Plastic Ornaments purchased from Michaels or Amazon *Wood Ornament blanks from Amazon *Acrylic Discs from Amazon * Gorilla Glue for the Tile ornament hanger *Picture hangers for tile ornaments from Amazon *Fake Snow from Michaels *Craft Paint form WalMart *Glitter - Extra Fine from WalMart Sticky Vinyl application video Let's Make Glitter Ornaments Video I have included 6 of the 7 designs used in this video. Please see my Etsy store for the Dog Breed designs I used for the last ornament. DogBreedSVG


Click here for some SVG designs for these ornaments

Some examples of the Decorations I made in this video...

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