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Replacement Blades for Digital Cutting Machines Explained

People ask all the time about replacement blades for their digital cutting machines, mostly Cricut machines. Some blades or housings can have the cutting blade removed for replacement. Cricut blades have replaceable blades.

The three basic blades come in three angles. They are color-coded.

Yellow - 30 deg angle

Most commonly used for Thin, lightweight media like Window tint, Shear film, Wax Paper, Bonded Fabric, and copy paper.

Red - 45 deg angle

Most commonly used for media like paper, vinyl (both sticky and HTV), stickers, and some light card stock

Blue - 60 deg Angle

Most commonly used for media like card stock, fabric, cork, magnet, chipboard, foam, and felt

When is it time to replace a blade?

  • You can usually see that a blade is not cutting properly.

  • Maybe tearing the media or not cutting all the way through.

  • You may have to increase the pressure.

  • You will begin to see cuts that are not clean and crisp.

  • You may have trouble weeding your projects

  • You may need to use a manual knife to complete your cuts or tight corners

Blades become dull depending on how often you use them and what you are cutting. If any of these issues are present, it is time to replace the blade. The blades are not expensive and can save a project. Especially if you have limited materials.

For example:

If you use a blade for sticky vinyl, it will last longer than on lightweight card stock. Card stock requires a sharper blade.

Replacement blades can be bought in bulk on Amazon. They come in an assortment of yellow, red, and blue.

The Scan and Cut blade housings can hold these replacement blades. They are easy to switch over.

Cameo has its own proprietary housed blades. But you can use CB09 blades that have replaceable blades. This blade will require a little more patience in the setup but performs well. NOTE: I am told that your warranty is affected if you use the CB09 blade. Proceed at your own risk. 8-)




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