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Where do I find My Inspiration?

There is inspiration all around you. You just need to begin looking at things for what they could be. I take pictures of everything. You never know when a picture will trigger a great design or project.

Social Media is a wealth of inspiration.


  • What projects folks are looking for

  • What is hot in the crafting industry

  • What folks need help with

  • Composition ideas for sayings or other designs


  • I look through my Facebook groups and take screenshots of questions. This makes a great source for blog posts.

  • I get ideas on what problems folks are having with their machines

  • What is hot for this or that holiday

  • What items are "in" for craft show crafters


  • What a good photograph looks like

  • What good product copy looks like to attract customers

  • What people are buying and marking as favorite


  • Things around the house.

  • I know most of you are like me. We have containers, or boxes, or goodness knows what else lying around because "I might be able to use that for something". Yes, you probably can.

Remember my Pinterest reference in the beginning? Go to Pinterest and type in the search "Coffee Creamer Bottles". You will not believe the ideas that come up.


  • I have a friend that sends pictures to me of things with "I need this" in the message.

  • This helps me see things through another person's eyes.

  • Gives me a wealth of gift ideas for her too!

Take a walk through Hobby Lobby, Michael's, JoAnns, Walmart, Craft Malls, Consignment Craft Shops, and so many other places. Browse Amazon for ideas.

I take my phone with me everywhere I go. I know you do too! I take pictures of anything that inspires me to think of a new design or project. Sometimes it is for layout or composition for a saying. Sometimes I see things put together that I would never have imagined. Ideas cannot be copyrighted.

I know... Some of you are saying, "Holly you tell us to be careful of copyright infringement". Yes, I do! Ideas cannot be copyrighted. Derivatives of someone else's work can get you in trouble. But using an idea to create your own design or project is ok.

I have thousands of pictures on my phone under design ideas. I browse my ideas folder to shake myself loose from hitting the creative wall. It never fails that I find something I get excited about and a new design set or project comes to life.

The photo at the top of this page was a project like that. I wanted some luminary lighting on my driveway for Halloween. I had these Walmart peanut containers. A little spray paint and some vinyl and a new project was born and it also served my need.

So my friends, where does my inspiration come from? EVERYWHERE!!!



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