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So Glad You're Here.

Hi - 

I'm Holly Pike and TheSVGBlog is where I will teach you to earn money with your cutting machine, just have fun, or BOTH!

My website is for you to learn about, have fun, or start a business with SVG crafting.  My goal is to provide a safe, friendly, and supportive community for you to learn and enjoy.

I started crafting with cutting machines in the 1990s.  Back then I bought a memory cartridge for each design I wanted to use. Many times there was just one design I wanted.  Since then, the computer connection has sure made the hobby different, less expensive, and opened up so many more possibilities.

I have been making my own SVG designs for several years now.  Some of my designs are given away here to registered members in the Libraries section of the site.  See the top menu for "Libraries".


My Social media groups are

Facebook Group:  SVGforFUNorPROFIT 

YouTube Channel: SVGforFUNandPROFIT


A few years ago, we added a craft studio to our home where I create designs, projects, and videos. I will also be teaching virtual classes for digital cutting machines. I record videos in one area of my studio and make machine embroidery designs in another area of my studio.  The room is filled with neatly organized supplies and projects from both the embroidery and the paper/vinyl sides of my business.





Some of the designs I make are here on my website and included as downloads along with articles or videos showing how to use them. My SVG designs are in my online Etsy Shops.


HollysCustom Creations will feature things made with the Glowforge or CNC machines

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