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What is Mind Mapping?

What is Mind Mapping?

Mind Mapping is a creative way to organize your thoughts, business plan, menu, activities, school work, and much more.

I use Mind Maps to collect a large amount of information in one place so that I can access it at any time.

The idea is start with a main thought or idea. Then "branch" out to smaller ideas, categories, steps, or processes. Each level you branch out from becomes more detailed.

I like to do my business plans this way. I start with the name of my business in the center, then do a "brain dump" ( I don't like that term, but we all know what it means, so I will use it). I put down as many ideas as I can come up with for my year or project. Then break down steps or things that need to happen to reach my goals.

This video will give you a good idea of what a Mind Map is and what you can do with it. This is a great business tool, especially for those visually motivated.

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